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Brama International LLC is an American company, officially registered in the state of Virginia and can operate across America. We have many staffs who have been living in America for many years, and also some American- Dubai - Paris local partners.

Brama International LLC also works with many Asian/ African  communities, especially around the state of Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland and New York over the past 15 years.


Our goal is to work with clients to develop specific strategic marketing and communications plan, which can provide added values ​​of certain projects undertaken together.

We hope with this approach it will create long-term relationships with the clients.


We had many experiences in the past, bringing many Asian Designers  for several World Fashion Stages in USA, like Fashion Week in New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC.

We also have an extensive networking with several Fashion Show Events in France, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Hongkong.

Mostly Couture and Ready to Wear High-End.

We also can help many bussiness owners to facilitate their products into certain Exhibitions, Tradeshows or Festivals. 



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