House of Marsya – 2018 DC Fashion Week

Brama is hosting “House of Marsya”, an Indonesian boutique owned by Anna Mariana from Indonesia.

For more than 35 years she has produced diverse designs of weave and songket in motifs of ‘Nusantara’ (Archipelago), from Bali to Palembang, Padang, Sulawesi, etc. As time went on, she created a private boutique by the name of ‘Marsya House of Batik Kebaya, Tenun, Songket & Accessories’ located in Pondok Indah, Jakarta.

To make these designs a handmade reality, Anna has more than a million craftsmen with high artistry and skill, spread across the country. This is due to the intricacy of the fabrics itself, having to work from 3 – 6 months to a year for a single piece.

Anna’s own fabric is weaved from all manner of threads: gold, silver, cotton, silk, and combination. Surely it is of an eco-friendly natural coloring, for the thread coloring is obtained from leaves, tree barks, etc.

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